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LISADec 18, 2019 I love this product. Since taking them I have never had a cold. I take the tablets as soon as I get a funny taste in my mouth and know I got a cold coming and keep taking every day and I never develop the cold. They are Amazing. I don't understand why anyone would want to suffer anymore. 3

SupaSynergy-BlogJan 31 Thank You Lisa I'm very glad that P4-MAX is helping. 1

avarbleFeb 9 My husband and I have both used this product on multiples occasions and are firm believers in the product . This product has helped recover from the Flu and helped in avoiding the stomach bug! I would recommend it to anyone!! 4

SupaSynergy Feb 9 Thank you avarble. I'm so glad it is helping you and your family to keep well. 1

Steve ClarkFeb 18 Hi I recommend p4 max as have just found out about product,have used whilst having a very bad cold and chest infection helped me recover quicker and when taken at night relieved symptoms for a better sleep. I would strongly recommend this product and will be ordering more very soon to help prevent the start of a cold. Very good company to deal with will recommend to my friends and family. 🙂💪

SupaSynergy Feb 18 Thank You steve Clark Im very glad that P4-MAX is helping you. It truly is a amazing supplement, that helps in so many ways.

amccoy_08May 18 I really like this product! I starting taking them when I suddenly broke out with shingles. After taking the first couples doses I already began to feel better. Within a couple days my shingles were gone. I was pain and itch free. They are great! I would definitely recommend P4 to anyone.

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