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Knight Scientific is all about research and innovation and we are attracting world-wide interest in our unique natural product tests that are used to optimise formulations, measure ingredient activity, quantify synergy and ensure perfectly matched products. But that's just a part of our offering that spans the worlds of sports performance, health, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, animal welfare, workplace sickness management and research.

What can Knight Scientific Ltd.

 do for you?

SPORTS SCIENCE: Knight Scientific’s unique ABELsport finger-prick blood test is made for athletes to prevent over-training, detect infection, optimise performance and enhance nutrition. We can test for you in our lab or you can use the portable ABELmeter to test individuals or the team just about anywhere; on the pitch, by the track or beside the pool - and the results are ready in less than 20 minutes. "Who should I push and who should I rest?" This is what coaches want to know and the ABELsport test provides the answer. For more information 

NATURAL PRODUCT TESTING with ABEL-RAC™: This is the unique method developed by Knight Scientific that enables you to standardise your natural products perfectly, batch to batch. ABEL-RAC™ is used by growers, supplement manufacturers and processors of natural products.It is the only method than can identify and quantify synergy between natural ingredients in your products.

ASSAYS AND TEST KITS: Research scientists the world over use our Cell Activation and Antioxidant Test Kits - all based on ABEL (Analysis By Emitted Light) technology and containing the light-emitting protein Pholasin®. Our assays, unique to Knight Scientific, can run on microplate readers and tube luminometers.

WELLBEING with ABEL-TAC: Need to know if someone's diet is healthy enough for their lifestyle or if they have underlying conditions? Our simple finger-prick blood test gives you that information, plus a reliable antioxidant score for future comparison. Healthcare providers and physicians value the insights the test provides, while employers can use it to monitor their employees' health and encourage lifestyle changes to reduce sickness absence.

CONTRACT TESTING: We carry out testing for companies around the world, including household-name cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals companies. Please contact us if you would like to discuss testing.

CLAIMS SUBSTANTIATION: Hard-earned reputations can be torn to shreds if product claims don't stand up to scrutiny, whether those claims concern efficacy, durability or suitability. We help clients defend their claims to the Advertising Standards Authority but prefer to help them draft and test the claims they want to make before launch.

RESEARCH: We have a worldwide reputation for research and innovation in fields including restorative medicine, wound healing, biocompatibility of medical devices, animal health, and sexually-transmitted infections.


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It has taken 2000 years for a mollusc to travel from the gourmet’s table to the scientist’s laboratory. The journey started with Pliny in AD 70 and reached its first climax when the luminescent protein produced by the marine rock-boring mollusc Pholas dactylus was first used by Drs Jan and Robert of Knight Scientific Limited (KSL) as a laboratory tool.

Since this use of Pholasin®, the name for the light-emitting protein used in the measurement of the real time production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) activation of white blood cells, there have been many applications of KSL’s ABEL® (Analysis By Emitted Light) kits containing Pholasin®. To find out more click here.

At the top of our game
TEAM doctors and nutritionists from several Premier League football teams are in talks with Knight Scientific about our unique overtraining prediction test that can also detect infections sometimes up to 48 hours before any symptoms appear. Meanwhile, Plymouth Argyle FC has been using our test since for over a year - and John Harbin, the team's Performance Manager, describes it as "a Godsend".

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Consult your healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication Do not exceed the recommended intake. Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.