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world-changing research

Knight Scientific takes research seriously .They are proud to report that other people and organisations around the world take Their research seriously, too.
Apart from the household-names that depend on Their expertise, the Department of Trade & Industry in the UK declared Knight Scientific the winner – five times – of the Department of Trade & Industry, Small Firms Award For Research And Technology.

Knight Scientific is at the forefront of research, that could lead to a dramatically earlier diagnosis of diabetes than previously possible. Knight Scientific is with out a doubt the acknowledged experts on oxidative stress and inflammatory diseases.

Knight Scientific has led a consortium of companies in a four-year research project. Cultivation of Bioluminescent Organisms In A Land-Based System, under the DTI’s Wealth From The Oceans programme. They also have led a collaborative research project under the Health Technology Devices programme sponsored by the Department of Health.

As you’d expect of a company of Knight Scientific Ltd.  calibre, we’ve also collaborated with research scientists in universities, medical schools and hospitals around the world for many years.

​Although we set up our laboratories in 1990, our founders – Drs Jan and Robert Knight – began their researches 11 years earlier into the unique properties of a bioluminescent marine mollusc, the Common Piddock (or Pholas dactylus, if you want to be formal about it).
They learned to cultivate the mollusc in aquaculture systems in order to obtain a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, a light-emitting protein that they named Pholasin®, and have been bringing its benefits to the commercial and medical world ever since through a technology called ABEL®(Analysis By Emitted Light).

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